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Previously we had a company doing our marketing that wasn't experienced in our industry.  I was lucky to get referred to First Page by my CPA.  First Page works with a lot of contractors like us. They truly understand our needs, which has made a huge difference.  We've been working with them for over 5 years now and even with all the economic changes, we are experiencing record sales growth.  I highly recommend First Page Corp for any company looking to steadily grow for the long term.
Review by David Zhuang
10/3/2022 Seattle
Was able to get in on a special marketing package that First Page Corporation was offering to help get businesses restarted and fired up.  Started with Gold package and moved up to Platinum before end of first month.  I have never come across such value before.  Just started with it, but already beginning to see good results.  Fantastic!
Rating by Carlos Rodriguez
9/28/2022 Phoenix
Over the past 9 years in business, up until recently, I never fully realized the importance of referrals through the Internet.  However, with the downtrend economy over the past few years, with referrals dwindling, my staff and I investigated increasing our presence on the Internet.  First Page Corp. far exceeded my expectations!  I have been impressed by their level of understanding and by their advice on what I needed to do to help make my online presence successful.  There is no one I would trust more with my company's marketing.
Testimonial by Ross Hirabayashi
3/24/2022 Tacoma
OK, so I am hanging it up.  Finished, it's over, I'm all done!  Hey-hey, I am RETIRING!  I may be one of FPC's oldest clients.  I have been with JC since way back when he was in the Yellow Pages business.  He has done 95% of my marketing and never steered me wrong.  I had a business valuation firm and a business broker come in and give me some numbers.  I said No Way.  Well . . . WAY!!!  I never could have acheived this without the years of JC's advice, consultation, and expertise.  The new owner I sold to made it part of the deal that FPC continues to do the marketing.  Aloha & farewell my friend!
Testimonial by Dick (Chucky) Waltz
8/18/2021 Pearl City
First Page has done an excellent job with all the services they provide and really came through for us.  When COVID-19 hit, we had no choice but to suspend operations, which also meant suspending our marketing and most other things.  Before we even started calling vendors, First Page called us with a restructured plan which placed our marketing on hold. And at no cost to us, they left just enough social and customer interaction going to keep us top of mind in our market.  As we re-opened, First Page had a plan for that also and we did not miss a beat.  As the new plan was implemented, new business started coming in like somebody turned on the switch.  We are so thankful.
Review by Jeremy Thompson
3/15/2021 Denver
I value my time.  First Page is fast, organized, and efficient.  They give me the services I need.  Highly valued.
Rated by Jonathon Goldmann
2/27/2020 Los Angeles
When I first started with First Page Corp and saw the results we were getting online, I knew I had found the right marketing company for my business.  I love how digital marketing has gotten us found online and has increased our conversions and revenue.  We have been using their services for over 6 years and highly recommend them.
Review by Marina Hernandez
2/7/2020 Chandler
First Page Corporation has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made to date.  They listen and are extremely helpful on strategizing what I need to make my company a success.  Last year was our best year ever!  You want to use their services for sure in the New Year.
Reviewed by Ezel Washington
1/6/2020 Boise
We are WINNING with First Page Corporation. Their knowledge and expertise is 2nd to none. Not only are their strategies easily implemented, they remove all the hassle from our end and take care of everything. One key feature which we really enjoy is their easy to review, detailed monthly reports. It allows us to better position ourselves in our market. We couldn't have made a better choice for a reputation marketing provider.
Rating by Tom Locricio 
12/10/2019 Salt Lake City
I absolutely love your service. First Page Corp has been a great strategic partner for my firm. I look to them to help me build my local reputation, update my social media and handle my online advertising. Top attributes ... well matched over any competitor and incredible pricing. The process is strategic and analytical and most importantly, it works!
Review by Briana Smith
8/13/2019 Denver
With the help of First Page's internet marketing, our volume of calls and email job inquiries has increased an amazing amount to the point where we are almost having trouble keeping up with all the requests. A professional and much appreciated job on their part. With their continued support we expect our job numbers to continue to expand. Thanks so much!
Rate by Zackary Udell
3/15/2019 Las Vegas
Before First Page Corporation set up my online reputation and social media, I did not believe that it would work to draw more patients to my practice. However, since they began, it has been steadily increasing and I receive an average 21-24 new queries per month resulting in 8-9 new patients each month. FPC is always available to answer any questions I have promptly and clearly. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to increase their business without investing lots of time and effort.
Review by Sheryl Martin
10/3/2018 San Diego
Since First Page Corporation took over my internet marketing and advertising, I have seen a dramatic increase in my business.  I had been advertising in the local print media and thought that it was the best way to promote my business, I was wrong. I am now receiving much more business from marketing on the internet with First Page and will continue to use them. Our new installation sales doubled from last year and repair service is up over 42%. This company has managed to keep my business on the first page of all search engines and that I find amazing. Thank you for all your work, knowledge and support.
Rating by Phil LaPorte
9/10/2018 Phoenix
When we chose to promote our business with JC from First Page Corp, we had great expectations. We wanted to expand our business with someone who would get to know us, understand our needs and take us to the next level. We needed someone we could trust. We found him! Over 2 years later we are still excited to have JC work with us and we have grown ever since First Page started promoting our company.
Review by Takisha Monsour
5/16/2018 Austin
My father always provided his customers with high quality service. I took over his business. Having watched Dad pound it out with the competition over the years, I now found myself doing the same and started dropping prices. With revenues declining I wasn't  sure this was my calling. My thoughts turned to selling off the business, so I spoke with a business broker. The broker ended up referring me to First Page Corporation. Wow! And I'm talking Big Wow! First Page developed a strategy to get lots of Dad's past customers and my new customers to give outstanding reviews about all the high quality service our business has provided. Then First Page pushes these great reviews, and even video reviews, out everywhere on the Internet where lots of customers are seeing them and calling in.  Its a whole new world! I'm in the 3rd year of running the business and am now considered the #1 company in town. I don't even think about competition anymore. And...I never have to drop my price!
Review by Tony Zagarolli
11/6/2017 Eugene
I initially heard JC speak, at a conference in Las Vegas, about dominating the market with online visibility. I also managed to grab up a copy of his book. I was inspired! As a chronic DIYer, I began implementing my plan for market dominance. It didn't take long to realize the huge investment of time required, time that would be taken away from running my business. So, I approached my office manager for help. It only took 1 day for my manager to ask me, "if you needed heart surgery, would you call an auto mechanic?" Hmm...I was able to track JC down from his book. It has now been 4 years that First Page Corporation has helped me with my online marketing. Stellar performance! I have never looked back.
Testimonial by Richard Willis
3/27/2017 Dallas
From Day 1, since being referred to the folks at First Page Corporation, we have been impressed with their online knowledge, customer service, regular reporting, and results. We are seeing continued increase in leads for various aspects of our business in different markets around the country. From a management perspective, we love the monthly updates sent to us. We would recommend them to anyone.
Review by Brad VanSikle
10/5/2016 Tampa
We've worked with a few different internet marketing companies, but haven't really been satisfied until First Page Corporation helped us with our reputation branding and marketing. Now we are able to maintain the positions in Google and other search engines and are able to get many more calls & inquiries. We have experienced a boost in sales and they have really helped us battle our competition. We appreciate all that you do to keep our business busy.
Rated by John & Yvette
4/23/2016 Colorado Springs

JC thoroughly and thoughtfully explained what his firm does and doesn't do. You know from the get go what to expect from First Page Corp and what your own client responsibilities are so that the objectives can be achieved. We were impressed by their strategies to help get everyone on board in our business. It's actually the first time we have had our entire staff from the top down pulling in the same direction. We've actually started enjoying, what in the past has been a very difficult and stressful business. There is absolutely nothing better than getting stellar customer reviews, accompanied by an upturn in sales, to have your staff feel appreciated, renewed and excited. Thanks First Page!
Rating by Anna Eriksson
6/2/2015 Sacramento
I've worked closely with JC on a number of reputation, social media, citation and call tracking projects and have been impressed by the depth of his knowledge, attention to detail and quality of his work. He goes above and beyond for all of his clients.
Rating by Rachel Garrett
9/26/2014 New York
I get a constant stream of new clients. It's almost overwhelming at times because I cannot keep up with the amount of calls I get. Not complaining. My business would not be what it is without the experts at First Page Corporation. I highly recommend them. If you want business from the Internet you give them a call.
Rating by Mat Gonzalez
4/23/2013 Las Vegas
The First Page team is a "cut above" most online marketing companies out there not only in terms of skills but also in terms of integrity. You know that, when hiring JC and his team, you will be treated honestly and your business will be protected. Reputation and integrity are huge with him. He also takes your business seriously and makes the time to understand it so as to provide relevant strategies. It is that trait alone that distinguishes him in his field. Finally, I know no one who keeps up to date on the latest online developments like JC does. I highly recommend First Page Corporation. You will be in good hands.
Review by Michael White
2/9/2012 Honolulu
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