Getting clients shouldn't be your biggest expense!

How much are you spending on advertising that is not converting to sales?

Our Massive BUSINESS SERVICES Marketing Plan puts your profits where they belong - in YOUR pocket!

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Silver Plan Features Header
finger clicking on red button to send an email broadcast to business services clients..

Email That Gets Results

Email Marketing is the single most powerful, most cost-effective, and most convincing method of online advertising.  Over 85% of adult Internet users are on email.  Boost your business by staying in touch with your list for both repeat business and referrals in need of your BUSINESS SERVICES.
  • 2 Done-for-You  BUSINESS SERVICES Email Campaign Blasts per Month
  • Generate Appointments for Client Consultations and Build Loyalty
  • Inspire Your Clients to Refer You with Well-Timed Referral Campaigns
  • Company Email Address Included - NO MORE Gmail!

businessman holding magnet attracting inactive clients.

Re-engage Your 'Inactive' BUSINESS SERVICES Clients

Reconnect with dormant or inactive clients with an automated and tailored re-engagement email campaign they won't be able to resist!
  • Win Back Past Clients with Done-for-You Reactivation Email Campaigns to Generate Annual Retainer Agreements
  • Don't Be One-and-Done, Generate More Repeat Business and Increase Client Lifetime Value

business services social media cover with 25% discount offer and a 5 star client review.

Social Media Covers for BUSINESS SERVICE Firms

If you are not using your big billboard social media covers properly to promote your firm, you are missing out on one of the best FREE advertising mediums.  
  • Stop Wasting Your Time Creating Social Media Cover Images Yourself!
  • Highly Engaging Social Covers Created and Changed-for-You on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and posted to Instagram
  • Drive More Visits, Shares and Likes to Your Social Pages
  • Engage Followers and Convert More Clients
  • Make Special Offers, Brand Your Services and Market Your 5-Star Reputation

social posting on business services Facebook page.

Social Media Posting

Completely Done-for-You Content Curation and Posting
If your firm is not posting regularly, consumers may wonder if your business is still open.  Posting the right amount of content is difficult and and time consuming, but ignoring it push your clients to your competitors.  Let us do the heavy lifting for you!
  • Stay Top of Mind and Bring Value to Your Viewers with Highly Engaging Social Media Content Including Images
  • Researched, Organized, Curated, and Consistently Posted-for-You
  • Posted to Your Social Media Accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google Business Profile
  • Turn Followers Into More New Clients and Grow Your Business

social offer post, $100 off any business service

Social Traffic Conversion Offers

Imagine having your Campaign Offers showing up with your social media posts and being read by your visitors!  It's the perfect way to keep your special offers top of mind and get more leads and conversions.
  • Special Offers Designed and Posted-for-You with Image Changes, Creating a Perfect Mix Ratio to Your Social Content Posting Schedule
  • Clickable Link Directs Visitors to Your Site
  • Get Lead Opportunities from Your Social Offer Posts

building five star reviews for business service companies.

Review Generation System for BUSINESS SERVICE Firms

Our Done-for-You System will Monitor, Manage & Build Your Business Reputation Online
Did you know that over 90% of consumers read online reviews?  And 89% read business' response to reviews? Also, did you know that 85% of consumers think reviews older than 3 months are not relevant?
  • Stop Wondering What People are Saying About Your Business Online
  • Get 24/7 Monitoring, Review Tracking, and Instant Alerts for All Reviews
  • Custom Feedback Page & Review Capturing to Generate Online Reviews
  • Feedback Campaigns to New, as Well as Past, Clients
  • Smart Feedback Routing Directs Feedback to Strategic Destinations
  • Online Review Builder Takes Your Client Through the Easy Process of Leaving Online Reviews
  • Reviews will be Posted on Review Sites Such as Google, Citysearch, Dexknows, Merchantcircle, Superpages and more
  • Analytic Reports on Visibility, Feedback and Reviews
Gold Plan Features Header
5 star review posted to social media for business service  companies.

Reputation Marketing

You give your clients outstanding service and you are getting great reviews posted on review sites . . . Why stop there?  Businesses that market their reviews convert 270% more!
  • Flood the Web with Positive Reviews from Your Clients
  • 5-Star Reviews will Publish to Your Website or Blog
  • 5-Star Reviews will Syndicate to Your Social Media Pages such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Business Profile, Foursquare & more
  • Professionally Designed Review Images will Post on Your Social Media
  • Reputation Marketing Analytics Included in Reports

thumbnail of Tiffany's 60 second review video with spokesmodel.
hands holding an iPad viewing a 5 star review for Tiffany & Co..

Review Video 60-Second Commercial

96% of consumers find videos helpful when making purchase decisions online.  Video is the most powerful tool you can use and positions you as a market leader  Merged with your great online reputation, Review Video Commercials become advertising magic.
  • Hosted by Professional Spokesmodel
  • Primetime Graphics and Animation
  • Green Screen Office Backgrounds
  • Live Action iPad View of 5-Star Review
  • Call-to-Action Close
  • Video Share Broadcast - YouTube, Dailymotion
  • Social Syndication - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

Businessman at desk on mobile phone and computer

CallBot:  Connect with Clients Shopping for BUSINESS SERVICES

Get Consultation and Client Leads from Your Website
Speed to Lead!  Did you know that nearly 80% of consumers do business with the first company they call and connect with?
Lead conversion drops off by 82% each time your team does not reach out within 5 minutes of a client showing interest.

  • Never Miss a Valuable Call Using Our CallBot Missed Call Converter
  • Chat with Your Prospect THE MOMENT They Want to Talk
  • Our Software will Connect You with Your New Client Live on the Phone Within 15 Seconds
  • Text Back & Forth Live - Right from Your Computer or Mobile Phone with Next Generation Two-Way Text Messaging Chat
  • Powerful Follow-Up System that Makes It Easy to Schedule Service with a Client 
  • Far Better than an Impersonal and Time Consuming Chatbot that Leaves You with No Contact Info
  • Never Make a Client Wait Again Using Our CallBot, which Captures Valuable Contact Info for Follow-Up and List Building
Platinum Plan Features Header
five star client review popup widget for business services website.

Review Badge Conversion Widget on Your BUSINESS SERVICES Website 

Prospects visiting your website want to know quickly if you are a reputable company to do business with.  Show off your eye-catching reputation by streaming your 5-Star Reviews to 100% of your visitors on PC and mobile for up to 380% more conversions.
  • 5-Star Review Badge Perfectly Timed on Your Home Page or Blog
  • Scrolls Through Your Latest Online 5-Star Reviews
  • Real-time Interaction Updates with Prospects Visiting Your Site
  • Tagged as Verified with Directory Source Authority
  • Click See Review Feature to Read Full Review
  • Full Review Popup with Click-to-Call Action

business services exit popup form on website.

Exit-Intent Client Lead Capture to Maximize Website Visits

Your marketing is paying off by driving traffic to your website.  Traffic that can actually convert!  But what do you do when a visitor goes to leave your site without taking action?

Leverage this golden opportunity to grow your email list, get more leads, and increase sales with an Exit-Intent Lead Capture Strategy.
  • Displays an Exit-Intent Lead Capture Form to Clients Abandoning Your Website
  • Offers an Incentive to Nudge Them into Converting or Surveys Them Right Before They Exit
  • Converts Abandoning Visitors into Subscribers by Offering an Incentive for Their Emails
  • Once They Join Your Growing List, You Will Get a Chance to Develop Long-Term Relations and Convert Them Into Clients
  • Reduces Site Abandonment:  Keep Visitors Engaged with Your Site Longer, Before They Leave Forever
  • Boosts SEO:  Increases the Overall Time People Engage with Your Site
  • Redirects Users to Your Blog Page or Review Testimonial Page to Help Your SEO

ADA accessibility popup widget, showing some features, for business services website.

ADA Accessibility Widget on Your Site

Quality access to the Internet is an essential part of our daily lives.  But many have disabilities that exclude them from using it.  Everyone should be able to access your website, regardless of ability.

We help render your website and web content more accessible and search engine friendly with our ADA Accessibility Widget.
  • 40+ Accessibility Options That Check All the Boxes for Web Accessibility Compliance
  • Better Accessibility Leads to Increased Business Activity
  • Attract New Customers Who Currently Cannot Access Your Site
  • Comply with Legislation - Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Give Your Business a Foot-in-the-Door into the Multi-Billion Dollar Disability Market
  • Help Protect Your Website from Accessibility-Related Lawsuits
  • Keep Your Website Compliant and Accessible for Everyone
  • Great for SEO, Ranking Your Site Higher in the Search Engines

call tracking for various advertising media such as websites, postcards and emails.

Call Tracking - Starter Plan

Never again wonder how an advertising campaign is working for you.  With Call Tracking you will know!  Call Tracking assigns a unique number to your campaign, so every time your phone rings, you will know exactly if it came from that campaign.
  • Records Statistics About the Number of Calls, Origin, and the Date & Time
  • Tracking Number is Forwarded to Your Personal or Work Numbers
  • Call Recording Gives You an Audio to Help You Spot Trends
  • Instant Call Notifications Sent Via Text Message or Email

Our Massive BUSINESS SERVICES Marketing Plan puts your profits where they belong - in YOUR pocket!

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The Offer Has EXPIRED!
LIMITED Spots Available!
silver plan $297 per month pricing and features for business services.

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$897 Setup Fee PLUS Save $700/Month


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gold plan $447 per month pricing and features for business services.

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$1197 Setup Fee PLUS Save $1050/Month


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platinum plan $597 per month pricing and features for business services.

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Start Today and We Will Waive the
$1497 Setup Fee PLUS Save $1400/Month


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Review: First Page has done an excellent job with all the services they provide.
Review:  I absolutely love your service.  Well matched over any competitor and incredible pricing.
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How effective is email marketing to increase business and how does it work?

What are the themes of the Social Media Covers and when do they change?

In addition to the content you will post for me on my social media accounts, can I also post?

How do the Social Traffic Conversion Offers work?

What is included in Online Review Generation?

What is included in Online Reputation Marketing?

How does the CallBot work?

What is a Review Badge Conversion Widget?

How does Exit-Intent Client Lead Capture work?

Can you explain more about the ADA Accessibility Widget?

What is Call Tracking and how does it work?

Can I enter into a long-term contract to secure these special discount prices?

How do I subscribe?

So, what’s the catch?  Well, actually there is no catch. We just wanted to "catch" your attention to tell you about our Progressive Referral Program.

Each of the Marketing Plans above are proven to work very well.  With any of these plans, your LANDSCAPING business can specifically engage and interact with customers and get results, referrals, and reviews.

Not only do our clients depend on these strategies, we do as well.

How can we deliver such robust marketing systems and save you 70%?  Referrals! Without referrals we would not be able to.  Which leads us to “Progressive Referral Program."

You are under absolutely no obligation to participate in the program.  Whether you send us no referrals, 1 referral, or 100 referrals, you, as our client always, come first.  You can count on our excellent customer service as we continually work to earn and keep your business.

Should you become part of our referral program family, for each referral introduction that becomes a visibility plan client, you will receive an $8.50 statement credit starting on your following month's invoice.  These savings will continue forward, every month, while you and your referral remain active visibility plan clients.

Your referrals will benefit also and will receive the same current discount pricing.  Referral introductions are submitted via an online form, for businesses (not competitors) you feel could benefit from our systems.

It is actually quite easy after they see all the branding your business is getting from our systems.  We live by reviews and referrals.  They work!  We can't wait to show you how well.

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Core Four Marketing:  Reputation, Traffic & Retargeting, Funnels & Automation, Social Media
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